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Volunteering Opportunities


The school seeks to expose the children to different people from different socio-cultural backgrounds to develop their understanding of other people and gain  interpersonal relationship  and team spirit. Such interactions can also boost inter-cultural exchanges, experience and ideas sharing between the volunteers and the school community.
Special areas where volunteers’ interests will be of maximum benefit are
1. Information Communication Technology (ICT)
2. Teaching of Phonics and Numerals at pre school department,
3. Teaching of Mathematics, English , French and German language from  3rd to 6th grades.
4. Attending to little children at the  crèche level.
5. Providing administrative /  accounting services.
The school will provide all volunteers with free accommodation. However, the school does not pay salaries to any volunteer.
All interested volunteers must write to express their interest to come to the school at least three months before the effective date for their travel.
We cordially invite all persons who have interest in visiting Ghana as a volunteer to consider HOFFNUNG ACADEMY.


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