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Hoffnung Academy is the brainchild of Rev. Andrew Jeremiah Nai-Mensah and Mrs. Sarah Larteley Nai-Mensah, founders of Impact Bible Church and Directors of Papa’s Garden Gatekeepers.

The school has sought to support, educate and inspire students to become confident young adults who will revel in the challenges within the modern-day global world. Hoffnung Academy is an open and inclusive community of learners, serving the educational needs of young people and their families.

It’s our aim that students/learners acquire the following;

  • Develop curiosity, imagination and confidence in themselves.
  • Be compassionate, caring, and thoughtful of others.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving, as well as developing personal and social responsibilities.
  • Aspire to be the best in all fields.

We believe in rich learning that extends beyond classroom knowledge, deeper understanding and the development of wisdom through learning experiences and challenges, as well as the guidance and encouragement of highly qualified, talented and passionate staff, who are eager themselves to further their own education to the benefit of the students/learners.

Our staff believes in the value of each individual student, and are committed to their growth – from the early years, through adolescence, graduation and life beyond school. Hoffnung Academy offers a healthy environment, with rich opportunities beyond the classroom experiences, through the involvement in Sports, Debating, Creative and Performing Arts, Leadership and Community service.

Also, the school aims at helping students/learners discover their Creativity, Teamwork, leadership roles, and other life lessons before graduating.

In addition to that, it is our goal that each student will grow from Strength to Strength, be Assertive, Resilience, and have a strong sense of Self Confidence.  We also believe passionately in co-education, where girls and boys, young adult, learn how to live together in a healthy environment.

Hoffnung which is a German word which means “Hope”. This academy is not a Business enterprise but a Divine Vision to assist and give hope to the underprivilege. In conjunction to this, the Academy is being assisted with the following partners from UK, Germany and U.S.A

  1. David Rust and Family – UK
  2. Helen Hamilton and Family – UK
  3. Lilia Rack and family – Germany
  4. Janine Goetzmann – Germany
  5. David G. Larson – USA
  6. Barnaby Offori – USA
  7. Daniel Jacoby and Family – Germany


To nurture young men and women with active, creative minds with good sense of understanding and compassion for others and the courage to face life’s realities by stressing on the spiritual, intellectual, physical, moral, emotional and social wellbeing of the Child.


HOFFNUNG ACADEMY is to nurture young generation of upright, community minded, hardworking, successful men and women.


  1. To provide every rural child access to education.
  2. To help all children to be happy, confident and enthusiastic learners.
  3. To have high self-esteem, respecting themselves and others.
  4. To respect and care for the school environment and the local community.
  5. To advance and gain confidence in technological skills.
  6. To encourage creative, critical thinking and enquiring minds with a sense of curiosity.

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