Hoffnung Academy is the brainchild  of Rev. Andrew Jeremiah Nai-Mensah and Mrs. Sarah Larteley Nai-Mensah, founders of Impact Bible Church and Directors Papa’s Family Gatekeepers.

The  School has sought to support, educate and inspire students to become confident young men and women who will revel in the challenges within a modern day global society. Hoffnung Academy is an open and inclusive community of learners, serving the need of young people and their families.

We want our students to ;

  •  Develop curiosity, imagination and confidence in themselves.
  •  Be compassionate, caring, and  thoughtful of others.
  • Think and problem solving , as well as develop personal and social responsibilities.
  • Aspire to be the best they can ever be.

We believe in rich learning that extends beyond knowledge, to deeper understanding and the development of wisdom as  much of that happens through learning experiences and challenges, as well as through the guidance and encouragement of highly qualified, talented and passionate staff, eager themselves to further their own learning in the interests of their students.

Our staff believes in the value of each individual student, and are committed to their growth – from the youngest years, through adolescence to their final examinations, graduation and life beyond school. Hoffnung Academy offers a healthy environment, with rich opportunities beyond the classroom, through involvement in sports, debating, creative and performing arts, leadership and  community service.

Our students discover their creativity, teamwork, work/life balance, and other life lessons they will take with them after graduating.

It is our goal that each student will go from strength to strength, develop courage,  resilience, and have a strong sense of self esteem.  We also believe passionately in co-education, where girls and boys, young men and women, learn how to  live together in a healthy  environment.